Thank you to all the Kustom collectors that contributed to keep this site alive. You're a special group of guys & gals; you know who you are!

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Kustom Kat 

This site is for your viewing pleasure of the most innovative and aesthetically pleasing amplifiers of the mid-60's through the early 70's, and even to today, Kustom! If you're a child of that era (and you still have your memory), you either had one, or you wanted one! I bought my first one at age 17, now I can't stop buying them! What other amplifier from that era has withstood the test of time like these, and look so damn good?


As a teenage rock star in the 70's (yeah right) I owned a blue Kustom K200B-1 with a 3x15 Altec Lansing speaker cabinet, and I loved it! Years after I bought it, and the newness worn off, I loaned it to a friend of a friend and never saw it again! Shortly afterwards I put my Kustom guitar under the bed and didn't pick it back up for more than 30 years. Once I got back into the swing of things, I went on a mission to find an amp like the one that was taken from me. The results of that mission are what you will see on this website. Once I started looking, I started buying just about every Kustom amp and organ I came across no matter its condition. I did eventually find what I was looking for (shown below), but that didn't stop me and I continue to collect them to this day!


A couple of years ago I had an episode of mental flatulence and sold off everything but that amp and my guitar. Once my head cleared, I realized what I had done and started another mission to collect them again. This time around however I'm much more particular on what I buy. The pieces I buy now are either mint or near-mint examples, and cost more, but to me they're worth it. 

I've been fortunate to find some very rare pieces and I'm still looking, so if you have something you think I might be interested in, please get in touch with me and I'll make you an offer you can't refuse!



Kustom K200A Guitar 

Kustom K200 Guitar

Autographed by Bud Ross


K200B-4 3x15 JBL D130 

K200B-4     3x15 JBL D130's




Kustom Creator & Founder Bud Ross with a new friend at the 2004 Arlington, Texas guitar show!
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Bud with model

The 2004 Arlington, Texas guitar show was a huge success and a whole lot of fun! We stayed busy speaking with people that stopped by to comment and flashback to the 60's & 70's! It seemed as if everyone that stopped by owned a Kustom at some point in their life. It was without a doubt the most colorful and talked about booth there. In fact, we were best in show! We could have sold every piece we brought, but of course they weren't for sale! In fact, we bought more!

Thanks for the help and participation of fellow collectors Neil Leverenz and Randy Bacus, both from Fort Worth, John Compton (aka JC) from Chicago, John Opilowsky from Phoenix, and Mick Sutliffe from Santa Clara, California.

Special thanks to Neil Leverenz for bringing Kustom founder Bud Ross to the show. Neil and Bud go back to the early days of Kustom in Chanute, Kansas. Of course it was a special treat for everyone that had the opportunity to meet Bud, especially me! He was very gracious and took the time to speak with everybody that wanted to speak with him. Of course during the two days he was here, we quizzed him with every question we could think of to learn how it all started and what kept it going. Believe it or not, Bud was in his mid-20's when he started Kustom!

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